Who we are

Right Proposals is a grant support organization that provides professional expertise to non-profit, consulting, profit making and, social innovators and entrepreneurs for the development of critical grants capacity required in translating organizational ideas into visible result and impact through well articulated partnership and business development instruments.

We provide leading professional experience for organizations to interpret their organizational objectives and ideas into a well-organized and packaged format and tools aimed at development, business and societal results and impact that will yield partnership results.

Our technical solutions are delivered with deep contextual understanding of the new business space, organized to address the need of our clients, facilitated for strategic positioning that aligns ambition and manages translation into a winning result that helps our clients achieve their organizational objectives of addressing societal challenges, providing services for social impact.

Our value nexus is in the transformation of organizational aspirations into a worthy life giving impact through creativity, innovation, connection, interpretation and accurate application of partnership and fundraising requirements.

We are a value driven organization that is dedicated to creating a wide knowledge, skill based engagement and translation rewarding purpose and relationship for our partners and clients.

We offer a broad spectrum of intentionally designed fundraising, partnership brokering and new business development services to create vital step change for businesses objectives, aspirations or concepts to make societal change

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Our Vision

To be the foremost new business and grant support organization globally

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our clients in translating aspirations and initiative into a worthy life giving impact through creativity, innovation, connection, interpretation and accurate application of requirements for new business, grants and fundraising

Our Values

Creativity, Innovation, Connection, Quality, Team Work, Excellence


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We are a team of experts with significant expertise, experiences and notable successes in providing grant and new business  services; building capacity through training for organizations and individuals on new business and grant management processes. These include mentoring and coaching services for grant readiness and business plan articulation; providing services for professional grant and proposal writing; providing support for organizational capacity strengthening and readiness assessment ; providing services for grant management, grant audits  and evaluations/ grant reviews as well as advisory.

We practice in the areas of opportunity analysis & grant research;  Grants and Proposal writing training; grant writing & fundraising; organizational systems strengthening & capacity; grant audit & evaluation.

With diverse and deep experience in leading new business initiatives for traditional and non-traditional donors and partners, the Right Proposals team brings its wealth of experience to supporting profit-making organizations, government institutions, national and international non-profit organizations and foundations.