10 Days Challenge

Starting an NGO is great but ensuring the NGO is viable and impactful is the best.The difference between organizations that see results is in their taking action. Taking action is essential for social impact, transformation and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

This 10-days challenge is a challenged packaged to provide you with insight and opportunity to implement learning, take action on your nonprofit and see results immediately. It is designed to help founders and CEOs of Non-profit organizations/Leaders to initiate progress, activate and solve specific challenges in grant and organizational areas.

Its action focused.  Its implementation focused. Your Nonprofit will experience a leap

At the end of this challenge, you will be equipped with

  • How to position your approach and audience
  • Essentials of launching your non profit
  • Understanding essential organizational systems
  • Grant Readiness Assessment
  • Essentials of proposal writing

From this challenge, you will be supported to implement with templates and tools.


  • Access to Tools and Templates
  • Strengthened organizational visibility
  • Knowledge of your organizational grant readiness status
  • Gain insight into grant writing
  • An E-Book

This happens monthly – Please contact us for the schedule for the month so you can participate


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